Identity Digitized


Biometric enabled


Web3.0 Based Technology

Identity Digitized


Biometric enabled



& Vision

To get rid of all hideous independent identification methods – including cards, passwords, manual conversations, OTP at cashiers, etc. – and unify the identification processes for both users & vendors in a digital state-of-the-art form.

To build a world where security & convenience co-exist. Driven by our instinct for innovation, we envision a world where our user’s digital identity is preserved and secure while protecting the privacy of the data and preserving collective data patterns to enhance both user & vendor experience.

How We Can Help you

as a Vendors

We thrive to making vendors life easier, smother and above all efficient in a secure manner. Nowadays a vendor tries to offer loyalty packages to his loyal customer and in order to achieve that it needs to rely on plenty of different identification systems always independent of each other to allowing a room to learn from existing experience in the market and not trying the full potential of a Smooth , Secure & Data Driven experience. 

as Corporate’s & SMEs 

Corporate’s & SMEs usually have a journey of how to identify their employees and how to communicate with their HR department certain data points. Not only that, but also they might have a question of how to further integrate with other deployed systems in the company. Further they might be questioning how can we also offer our employees further added value being employees of the company i.e. discounts in a gym , visitor passes to a certain compound or even just discount in a restaurant. 

Well, We certainly got you covered! Our blockchain technology offers a secure digital id that allows all previously mentioned challenges to be a matter of a plug&play.

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As soon as a digital ID is created, it is ready to use at any iConnect-enabled vendor.


Your ID is constantly dynamic to prevent a misusage & can be 

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iConnect enables communicating benefits privileges 

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API first Digital Identity

An API-driven approach to accelerating your
digital transformation while incorporating & leveraging Web3.0 Technology.

Blockchain Technology

We intend to gradually use & leverage Web3.0 to commit to & deliver our promise and achieve our vision through a movement for a decentralized web that is nearly free of centralized third-party intermediaries. 

 This feature essentially makes it pro-privacy for a user’s data and also renders it more user-centric instead of platform or business-centric. At iConnect, we intend to leverage that through blockchain technologies to ensure the delivery of an ultimate user experience.

Client’s review for work satisfaction

Amr Kamel

I visited iConnect and checked their products and services where I asked them to provide us with the digital ID to for several applications one of which is access control service. The experience was great, it, specially that they are data driven team! . I’d highly recommend them to anyone.

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Peter Mark

Loving how I am able to the digital ID in more than one place not bothered with the entities' systems!


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